Living Emotions® Designer




The Living Emotions® Designer is a graphical and web-based configurator for customizing the design covers for the Living Emotions® KNX Glass Touch Sensors.

For each created design, a unique 9-character Living Emotions® Design Code is created and stored. This design code can be used to retrieve the specific design at any time and order it in our webshop or from our distribution partners.

To create an individual design cover, the following steps have to be carried out:



Selection of a base product from the Living Emotions® KNX Glass Touch series for which a design cover is to be created.


Cover type

Two different cover types are available for each Living Emotions® KNX Glass Touch Sensor:


Direct lasering of the individual symbols into the ceramic color layer on the backside of the glass for the best possible brilliance of the symbols.

Laser engraving of the symbols into the color layer of an exchangeable insertion foil behind the universal Design Covers with semi-transparent viewing windows allows maximum flexibility thanks to the easy exchangeability of the insertion foils.



With the selection and positioning of the symbols in the designer, the individual creation of the design cover MANUFACTORY or the insertion foil UNIVERSAL takes place.


Design Cover (only MANUFACTORY)

Selection of glass type and glass color from the several available Design Covers MANUFACTORY:

Note: The insertion foil UNIVERSAL can be used for all glass types and glass colors of the different design covers UNIVERSAL.



By selecting one of the numerous templates, a quick basic design can be overtaken and then further adapted in the designer.



In the symbol gallery, an extensive collection of symbols from various topics are available. A free text search and categorization allows a quick symbol selection.




For each symbol, a color can also be selected, but this is only used for illustration purposes in the designer. The color can later be defined individually for each sensor independently of the glass cover by changing the LED color setting (RGBW) in the ETS configuration software.


With the optional silver Living Emotions logo in the lower left corner, the design cover MANUFACTORY gets a special lifestyle look.



A final assessment of the individually designed design cover is possible in the preview. For the insertion foil UNIVERSAL, the preview also shows a representation behind one of the various available design covers UNIVERSAL:


Living Emotions® Design Code

After checking the design in the preview, the configuration process can be completed and the design saved. For this purpose, a Living Emotions® Design Code is generated, which can be used to retrieve the design at any time. Changes to a loaded design always result in a new design code, so that a code clearly defines the design.

For the MANUFACTORY cover type, the Living Emotions® Design Code specifies the design of the entire glass cover including glass type and glass color. For the UNIVERSAL variant, the Design Code only defines all symbols of the insert film which can then be combined with all UNIVERSAL design covers in different glass types and glass colors.

A generated QR Code enables the simple loading of an already existing Living Emotions® Design Code into the designer. The corresponding QR code of the design can also be found on the backside of each design cover or insertion foil.

The complete configuration result can also be sent as a PDF to an email address.